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Homestead Hoopla, CSA Newsletter, Week 7, July 11, 2016

Homestead Hoopla, CSA Newsletter, Week 7, July 11, 2016

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Homestead Hoopla 2016 CSA Newsletter

July 11, 2016

Week 7

This week’s harvest includes:

Curly Kale*

Sweet onion*

Yellow squash*






Mixed Cherry Tomatoes*


*indicates Small Share contents


Farm News

Happy Monday!  We’re glad to have everyone back in the mix after a Holiday-like week.  This week will be the first gleaning of the season for the Maryland Food Bank.  Thursday, July 14 from 9-12 am, we’ll be gleaning kale on the Armiger Farm, Blue Heron Farm Lane, Chestertown, MD.  This farm lane is located on rt 544 between Crumpton and Chestertown and has a small sign on the lane.  Amy Cawley, of the Maryland Food Bank, coordinates with farmers and if we have excess, she gathers a group of volunteers to help pick the excess produce.  We also donate all of the excess produce here on the farm to the Maryland Food Bank.  This is easier for her, because we have already harvested and boxed the vegetables.  An example would be cabbage.  We had a buyer request, but not pick up cabbage last week.  It was all harvested and in the cooler, but the truck never showed up to take it away and of course, the check never showed up either!  So we have a lot of excess cabbage around.  We only grown 4 crops in enough volume to donate and they are kale, cabbage, yellow squash and watermelons.  If anyone is running short on those crops (we haven’t harvested watermelons yet, they’re just tiny), let us know and you can come pick up as much as you can carry home!  Bring a bus and you can fill it if you like!  All of the other crops you get in your CSA boxes are grown specifically for CSA and you all receive any excess we have. 


We work to support the Maryland Food Bank in every way possible, through donations, gleaning and also our time.  The Maryland Food Bank is interested in getting the word out about their work.  Both Luke and I grew up in households where we were fed 3x/day and our families were fortunate enough to know how to grow our own food and preserve the harvest.  Neither of us really knew that other people in rural areas did not have that same luxury.  We both learned through LEAD Maryland of the Backpack Programs in schools, where kids who don’t get enough to eat on the weekends, can take home a backpack filled with food.  The Food Bank says that about 90% of the families they feed come sporadically or only for a short time.  For example, if they have a car break down and the grocery money needs to be spent on car repairs, the family will go to the Food Bank for a short time until they are back on their feet.  Anyway, over the next six weeks, I’m going to focus on the Maryland Food Bank and it’s programs in the newsletter in hopes of getting more of you aware of their community involvement.  Thank you and if you want to volunteer to glean this Thursday, July 14 from 9-12 am, please call/text Amy Cawley at 443.735.0757.  This is a great opportunity for team building for businesses, scouts, athletic teams, church groups, addiction groups, etc




Hmmm, I guess an excess squash recipe is in order.


How to Freeze Squash/Zucchini


Yellow Squash Muffins


I tend to cook, puree and freeze squash for winter recipes from soups, to pies to muffins.  It’s very easy.  Small squash with tender skin, I cook the whole thing until very well done.  Larger squash with tough skin and seeds, I peel and de-seed before cooking.  Once all of the squash is cooked, I puree in batches and freeze in qt freezer bags.  You can also shred raw squash, peels and all, and freeze from a raw state. This is easy to use in tomato sauce, soups and bread in the winter time.



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